From its humble beginnings back in 1996, the company has evolved into one of the most competitive micro-telcos and service providers across Australia.


EzTel is recognised as one of the most effective competitor against the Big Five Telcos. How? We provide superior value and  service for all your telecom needs while providing the same quality as the major providers.

What's more we give you a level of personalised service that the Big Five simply wont match. To us all our customers are important and not just line numbers.


In the telecom industry experience counts. Only experience will allow you to find the most reliable carrier at the most economical rates. Our team has the wealth of experience in telecommunications, IT, finance and the customer service industries. We know what people want in their phone service and we know how to source and package the best and most cost-effective deals for our customers. We will do the same for you!

Unprecedented growth, good business planning and a superior billing system have enabled EzTel in becoming its very own supplier - a Service Provider (SP) with a difference!

Relatively lower overhead costs enable us to provide “greater savings with better service” and we will beat competition hands down!

Download application form to apply for a connection
(in Adobe Acrobat pdf format)
Print, sign and fax us the form on Fax4Free 1800 66 1599

For help on how to connect call us at 1300 55 1428 or email us at info@eztel.com.au
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